Our mission is to provide your child with a clean, safe and fun environment!

*Parents or guardians must sign a waiver for each child before entering the play space.*

• Children must wear shoes at all times.

• Mouthed toys must be placed in the dirty toy bin outside the gate.

• Please respect the equipment and toys.  Children who hurt others or damage surroundings or toys may be asked to leave with parent or caregiver.

• Food and drinks are not permitted in the play area.

• Running, rough play and/or throwing objects are not permitted.  We reserve the right to ask children that are being disruptive to leave if they are interfering with the learning and play of others.

• We are not a drop-off center or childcare facility. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children and must stay in the play space and supervise their children at all times.

• Shug’s Tiny Town will not be responsible for injuries resulting from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment.

• Please do not climb on or sit on the stuffed animals and equipment. Any damages done to the animals or play area will become your property and also your responsibility to replace.

Special Notice and warning to parents and gardens of guest under age 3:
Some toys located within the play town contain small parts and thereby constitute a choking hazard for children under age 3.